8 Ways To Identify A Blue Maine Coon

Over the past several decades, the Maine Coon cat breed has grown in popularity because of its mild dispositions and strikingly magnificent looks.

They come in several colors, including “blue.”

Blue Maine Coon cats have a cool sophistication that can’t be matched. Their luxurious gray fur, whether light or dark, goes splendidly with their strong, angular faces.
They have been bred in a variety of blue colors, however, the Cat Fanciers classify all of these colors as falling to the primary color group of “blue.”

Blue Maine coon sitting on blue sofa looking adorable

Appearance of Teddy Bear

They are well known as large teddy bears due to their large size. In United States, people used to call them teddy bears due to their resemblance with them. Kids like to gain them as family pets because kids also love teddy bears. The Blue Maine Coon will sit on your lap or next to you on a couch, but it normally selects an area close to its human friends so it can observe you from a distance. Because of its peaceful demeanor, it’s a great option for kids who see it as a big, cuddling teddy bear. Additionally, it gets along well with most dogs and other cats, especially if it is given lots of socialization throughout its kittenhood.

Height10-16 Inches
Weight8-18 pounds
Lifespan10-13 yeras
Shed LevelLow
Life span10-13 years
Energy LevelHigh
Colorssolid blue, blue tabby, blue smoke, blue silver tabby, blue and white, blue cream, chinchilla blue silver, shaded smoke and white
Common Health ConcernsSpinal muscular atrophy
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Hip dysplasia
Polycystic kidney disease
Suitable For:Families,children,Adults

The Blue Maine Coon is one of the rarest Maine Coon cat breeds and has a very striking appearance. Being the largest domestic cat, Blue Maine coon is the friendliest cat that has been largely demanded and admired by cat lovers. Its long blue furs and large size make them very attractive. If you are also willing to adopt a blue Maine Coon, here is the complete information you need to know about this feline breed.

Origin And History:

The popular thought is that the Maine Coon Cat including the Blue Maine Coon originated through the crossbreeding of Norwegian Forest Cats and Siberians. Some say the Maine Coon’s story began when six Turkish Angora cats sailed to Maine with Marie Antoinette. Escaping the French Revolution, these cats mingled with local kitties, creating the Maine Coon we know today. A tale of cats, travel, and a perfect blend!

How To Identify A Blue Maine Coon?

The Blue Maine Coon is the ultimate color for a gentle giant. In the sun, the fur works magic, creating an unbelievable, amazing look. Blue is simply badass. Here are some 8 distinguishing features that can help you identify blue from others.

Blue Maine Coon sitting on sofa and taking rest.

1-Colors And Patterns:

Blue Maine Coons’ coat patterns vary, including solid blue, blue tabby, blue smoke, and blue and white. Solid blues have a consistent blue hue, whereas blue tabbies have darker blue stripes or spots on a lighter blue background. Blue smoke Coons have a silver undercoat and blue-tipped fur, which gives them a smoky appearance. Those with blue and white coats display a combination of blue and white fur in patterns such as bicolor or formal attire.

The intensity and distribution of these patterns vary, giving each blue Maine Coon a unique appearance. These distinct patterns add to the uniqueness of each feline. Let’s discuss Blue Maine Coon cat colors and patterns in depth with its distinctive features.

IdentificationDistinctive Features
Solid Blue Maine CoonUniform blue color
Blue nose and paw leather
Green or gold eyes
Blue Silver TabbySimilar to blue silver tabby
A mix of deep blue markings and cream patches
Distinctive white undercoat
Old rose-colored nose leather
Blue Silver Patched TabbyA mixture of blue and white fur
White on all four paws, bellies, and bibs
Some have white markings on their face.
Blue TabbyClassic, ticked, mackerel pattern
Deep blue markings on a pale bluish Ivory ground color
Overtones of warm fawn or patina
Rose paw pads and old rose nose leather
Blue And White Maine CoonMixture of blue and white fur
White on all four paws, bellies, and bibs
Some have white markings on their face.
Blue Cream Maine CoonBlue appearance with cream patches
Unique coloring in the fur
Chinchilla Blue Silver Maine CoonSparkling silver appearance
Pure white chin, stomach, chest, and ear tufts
Rose-colored paw pads and nose leather
Blue outline on eye rims, lips, and nose
Other Shaded and Smoke ColorsVarious colors with white undercoat
Nose leather and paw pads ranging from blue to rose.
Different patterns and features in each category
Shaded Smoke and White Maine CoonWhite on faces, blue patches, or shades of cream
White on all four paws, bellies, and bib
Unique features in Dilute Calico Smoke variety

Blue classic tabby looks wonderful with blue shining eyes. This kitten is a combination of a blue classic tabby father and a blue Torbie mother.

Blue classic tabby looks wonderful with blue shining eyes

2-Comparatively Bigger

Blue Maine Coons are known for their large size. If you come across a cat that is not only large but also muscular, you may have discovered the majestic Blue Maine Coon.

3-Pay Attention To The Ears

Blue Maine Coons Often have lynx-like tips on their ears, which contributes to their distinctive appearance. These give them a wild beauty that sets them apart from other cats.

4-Long Bushy Tail

Examine the tail; a long, bushy tail with a solid blue hue is a telltale sign. It is the final touch that completes the regal look. Look for a long, bushy tail with a solid blue coloration that matches the rest of the coat.

5-Mane Around The Neck

Some Blue Maine Coons wear a luxurious ruff or mane around their necks. Mane are large hairs growing around the neck resembling that of a lion. It’s like a crown, that proves their regal and majestic appearance.


Blue Maine Coon like other Maine coons have a M-Shaped pattern. It’s a Maine Coons’ common trait.


The sight of a blue Maine Coon is appealing. Its blue-gray fur, often accompanied by tufted ears and bushy tails, adds to its majestic appearance. Blue Maine Coons are captivating to behold, with their large size and expressive eyes, making them a standout among cat breeds.

8-Fluffiest Atticus

“Atticus” is the sweet little boy Maine Coon Blue. He’s the fluffiest kitten in the litter. His brown eyes sparking with their grey fluffy color break the hearts.

 “Atticus” brown eyes sparking with their grey fluffy color

Friendly Ghost

Maine coons can have a ghostly appearance at times, yet they are pleasant and trustworthy despite their dark blue color. He is quite handsome and will grow into a big guy. The mix of his blue eyes and his deep blue-gray fur is wonderful.

A Maine coon looking like a ghoost to owner.

How Blue Maine Coons Are More Popular?

The Blue Maine coon has always been so popular not in the united states but also the world due to its huge size long fluffy furs and friendly nature not only with kids and owners but also with other pets. During the 1800s it was most populer in cat shows and as a pet animal in most of the houses of United States. But when Angora and Persian cats come there, they hit blue maine Coons and pulled them down for some time. but Angora and Persian cats had not taken the place of these majestic blue Maine Coons due to their friendly nature with kids and other pets. So these cats again gain popularity in the world due to their fluffy and beautiful fur. They become the most loved cats in the world.


The Blue Maine Coon cat breed is highly sought after and popular due to its striking appearance, friendly nature, and resemblance to a teddy bear. They have many types like blue solid Maine Coon, Blue silver, blue tabby, etc with distinctive features. They have unique blue fur patterns and are known for their large size and friendly temperament, making them a beloved choice for families and cat lovers worldwide.

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