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Silver Maine Coon: The Wonderful Companion

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Silver maine coon is the rarest color variety for the largest and most domesticated breed of Maine coon. Every color of these beautiful Maine Coon cats is adorable as anybody who has seen one would admit. But certain breeds are more obvious than others, Silver Maine coons are one of them. Originally from Maine, only a little is known about their background.

Giant Silver Maine Coons like to play and spend more time with their owners. They are known for being devoted household pets. They are also called Wonderful Companions due to their friendly and lovely nature.

A Maine Coon is ready to play with owner.
A Maine Coon is ready to play with owner.

Expect this breed to be a people-oriented cat whether you choose to buy a Grey Maine Coon, White Maine Coon, or any other color or pattern. We’ll explain all you need to know about Silver Maine Coons in this detailed guide, including their nutritional requirements, behavior, and health issues! Below is an explained look at all you need to know about the personality and traits of the most popular Silver Maine Coons cat breed.

Silver Maine Coons Personality/sizes/Heights


A Silver Maine Coon’s personality is similar to a dog’s, and his only pleasure is his owners’ company. It is Large in size and friendly, These cats have an uneven, thick coat consisting of two layers, with a silver or “smoke” undercoat. They also have a solid bone structure. Among the oldest breeds of natural cats in North America are Maine Coons. Maine Coons’ silver color is often known as “smoke” coloring. It is unique to Maine Coons with solid colors and is distinguished by a silver undercoat.

Below are some Personality Facts:

Litter Box issueVery High
other nameSilver Coon.
Friendly forChildren, Adults old age people
Problem Solving skills   High
Learning capacity  High
Personality Facts

When a kitten matures, its silver undercoat becomes more noticeable, so you can have difficulty seeing it. A fading area runs over the chest of certain Maine Coon cats. When you ruffle your cat’s fur when it’s lying upside-down, you could notice this.


In Gentle Giants” Males are usually larger than females. The average size of a male Maine coon cat is  10-25 pond, While the female maine coon is 8–12 pounds

Silver Maine CoonMale Female
Male/Female Size 10-25 pond
8 – 12 pounds
Height10-16 inches8-14 inches
Life span13-15 years13-14 years
Buying Cost1200$-2000$1200$-2000$
Male vs. female chart

Are These Cats Good For Families?

Maine Coons are known for being the largest cat breed in the world and for having a personality that’s similar to a dog. Therefore, it makes sense that many families find this breed enjoyable.
The breed does not exhibit any aggressive behaviors and is loving. Instead of becoming angry, they will walk away if things get too out of control. Nonetheless, they might first seem distant from strangers. Family-friendly Silver Maine Coons are well known for their love. They are also charming, brilliant cats who like to play and spend time with their owners. It has helped them establish a reputation for having outstanding mousing abilities. Hunting is one of their strong habits. This breed produces visually attractive cats with a variety of fur patterns.

A Maine coon is looking friendly in the hands of his owner.
A Maine coon is looking friendly in the hands of his owner.

When Does Silver Color Occurs Genetically?

Since the 19th century, cat lovers have been fascinated with the distinctive appearance of Maine Coon cats, which are among the most popular cat varieties in the US. The Silver Maine Coons Cat, a type of the Maine Coon, is beautiful with its light silvery-grey coat and vibrant green eyes. The primary coat colors that add to the silver color are red and black.

Male kittens inherit a “diluted” or similar color to their mother due to the inheritance of both genes from their mothers. One gene, or a “diluted” form of the two colors, is inherited by female kittens from both parents. If you cross domesticated cats with black and red coats, there’s a chance the kittens will become silver. Silver may also develop if a rare inhibitor gene is present in the cat. Because of this gene, pigment can deposit at the hair’s tip rather than on its base.

A green eye coloured Maine coon is thinking something.
A green eye-coloured maine coon is thinking something.

What Colors Do Silver Maine Coons Have?

The color patterns or types of Silver Maine Coons include:

Silver Tabby with White Maine Coon

The beautiful mixture of white and silver is a combination of the Silver Tabby with White Maine Coon. The white is brilliant, and the color is a very light, nearly white shade. This mixture produces a stunning result. With a broad head and a long, fluffy tail, the Silver Tabby with White Maine Coon is a powerful, enormous cat.

silver tabby white maine coon is sitting under the table
silver tabby white maine coon is sitting under the table

Silver Tabby Maine Coon

Silver tabby is also famous for “ghost markings, which include white chins and white around the eyes, stripes, cheeks, shoulders, and other areas. It’s an amazing long-haired cat with a unique black and silver pattern. The black color is a very dark black, while the silver color is a very light, nearly white shade. As a result, both colors contrast greatly. The cat is powerful with a broad head and a long, fluffy tail. The silver tabby maine coon has three types depending on the patterns of markings they have.

A Silver Tabby Maine Coon is walking on the grass
A Silver Tabby Maine Coon is walking on the grass


A classic silver tabby or a Silver classic tabby Maine Coon has a swirling pattern that may be seen on the body, with thick black bands curving down the side and forming a bullseye shape in the center. Silver classic tabby Maine Coon kitten has the unique ‘M’ pattern on their forehead.


A ticking tabby has no apparent spots, patches, or markings. Although on the cat’s body, their hair marking is present. Their cheeks, tails, and legs also bear some ghost markings. A dark line along their spine could also be present.


A tabby silver mackerel Maine Coon has fine stripes on the side of the body that are equally spaced and resemble a tiger coat pattern.

Blue Silver Maine Coons

Silver Blue Maine Coons have an attractive and distinctive coat. They may have white markings on their chests and paws, and their coat is an even blue-silver color with a hint of black tipping. These cats have a remarkable appearance due to their green or yellow eyes.

A Blue Silver Maine Coon is sitting on the tree.
A Blue Silver Maine Coon is sitting on the tree.

Silver Black Maine Coon

Silver-black Maine Coons are stunning and have distinctive color patterns. Their base color is silver, featuring mixed black, white, and grey markings. These cats also have a unique black face mask with a white chin and muzzle.

 Silver Shaded Maine Coon

The undercoat of silver-shaded Maine coon is silver, while the outer layer has a different shade. These Maine coons usually have two types.

Silver shaded Red

In Red shaded silver Maine coon The hair strands are off-white or pale silver at the bottom and red in the third of the visible top region.

A Silver shaded Red Maine coon is looking in front of camera and posing.
A Silver shaded Red Maine coon is looking in front of the camera and posing.

Silver shaded Cream.

A Maine Coon cream Silver has cream markings on an off-white background. A Cream Silver Maine Coosn has a white undercoat.

A creme silver Maine Coons kitten’s eyes are blue at birth, but some of them may become green, gold, or green gold as they grow older.

Silver Gray Maine Coons

The Maine Coons in grey and silver are very stunning. The cat’s blue coat looks great with grey. The grey and blue cat is available in solid colors and combinations of vibrant tones. These cats’ nose tufts and ears are either black or grey.

Silver Gray Maine Coons are in a sleepy mood, sitting on the orange carpet.
Silver Gray Maine Coons are in a sleepy mood, sitting on the orange carpet.

Silver Maine Coons Price

Your next concern is probably how much a Silver Maine Coons cat costs after you’ve decided to get one. The price of these cats can vary significantly based on several factors, including the breeder’s reputation, geographic location, and the specific traits of the individual cat. Prices can vary based on the cost of living and demand for specific breeds in different regions. 

In the United States, the cost of a silver-shaded Maine coon may begin at $1,200 and increase to around $3,000.It is a costly breed to buy and requires a lot of money also for its maintenance, living, and food.

Silver Maine Coon Grooming/Health

Grooming and maintaining the health of a Silver Maine Coons, like any cat, involves regular care, attention to specific needs, and monitoring for signs of potential health issues. Here are some grooming and health considerations:



Maine Coons, including Maine Coons Silver, have semi-longhair coats that can be prone to matting. Regular brushing, preferably a few times a week, helps prevent tangles and mats. Use a comb or brush suitable for longhair cats.

After the grooming, Can’t get over how handsome This little guy is!

A Maine Coons is sitting on a chair after his grooming.
A Maine Coon is sitting on a chair after his grooming.


While Maine Coons generally keep themselves clean, an occasional bath may be needed. Use a cat-friendly shampoo, and ensure the coat is thoroughly dried afterward.

Nail Trimming

Trim the cat’s nails regularly to prevent them from becoming too long and causing discomfort or potential injury.

Ear Cleaning

Check and clean the ears as needed. Consult your veterinarian if you notice excessive wax, redness, or an unpleasant odor.

Dental Care

Dental health is essential. Brush your cat’s teeth regularly using a feline toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental treats or toys designed for oral health can also help.

Health Considerations:

Regular Veterinary Check-ups

Schedule regular veterinary check-ups to monitor your Silver Maine Coon’s overall health. Vaccinations, parasite prevention, and dental assessments are essential components of routine care.


Provide a balanced and high-quality cat food appropriate for your Maine Coon’s age and health. Maintain a healthy weight to avoid problems associated with obesity.

Recommended Article for nutritional diet is Food For Maine Coon: What They Love To Eat?


Make sure that Maine Coons should always have access to fresh and clean water. Some cats may benefit from wet food to increase water intake.


Although they aren’t the most active cats, they still need to play and get regular exercise. Encourage play and physical activity to keep your Maine Coons active and maintain a healthy weight.

A Maine coon is busy with Christmas activities to become healthy
A maine coon is busy with Christmas activities to become healthy

Watch for Changes

Monitor your cat for any behavior, appetite, litter box habits, or physical appearance changes. Early detection of problems can result in timely veterinarian care.

Silver Maine Coons Breeders

Finding a reputable breeder is crucial when considering adding Silver Maine Coons to your family. Reputable breeders prioritize the health and well-being of their cats, adhere to ethical breeding practices, and provide proper documentation for their cats’ pedigrees. Use online cat breeder directories or platforms that list reputable breeders. Websites like The International Cat Association (TICA) or Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) often have breeder directories.

When buying silver Maine coons the first thing is to ask the buyer about the DNA test of the kitten. Because a DNA test is the only way to know about the illness of kittens.

Two breeders produce high-quality Maine Coon kittens.


In conclusion, the main point of the given text is that Silver Maine Coons are a rare and beautiful color variety of the Maine Coon breed. They have a friendly and people-oriented personality, making them great pets for families. The text also provides information on the different colors and patterns of Silver Maine Coons, their sizes and heights, grooming and health considerations, as well as tips for finding reputable breeders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Silver Maine Coons are not inherently rare, but their availability can vary based on breeder choices, and color patterns. The colors of brown tabby, black, white, blue, and cream are typical of Maine coons. Silver and gold are the two rarest colors for Maine Coons.

Maine Coons are considered special for their large size, tufted ears, bushy tails, friendly personalities, and diverse coat colors and patterns. They are often referred to as “gentle giants” and are known for their intelligence and sociable nature.

A true Maine Coon cat is known for its large size, tufted ears, bushy tail, friendly expression, and semi-longhair coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. They have a rectangular, muscular body with lynx-like ear tufts and a distinctive, friendly demeanor.

Yes, Maine Coon cats can be orange. The orange color in cats is often referred to as “red” in the cat fancy world. Maine Coons come in a variety of colors, including red (orange), which can have different patterns such as solid, tabby, or bi-color.

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