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Can Maine Coons Go Outside?

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Maine coon cats are famous worldwide due to their affectionate, loving, friendly, and intelligent personalities with hunting abilities. Still, the question that arises in every Maine coons owners is Can Maine Coons go outside? Maine Coons owners usually become confused, about whether outside the house my Maine Coon would be safe or not?

Maine Coons are lively, incredibly active cats who enjoy exploring new places and out hunting. Due to its laid-back nature, this popular cat breed may be kept indoors and outdoors. Many pet parents would rather keep these enormous cats indoors because of the dangers of theft, injury, and predators in the outside world.

A Maine Coon is sitting outside on grass and enjoying sunshine

Maine Coons benefit greatly from being allowed to be outdoor cats, even if they perform well indoors. There is no need to keep a Maine Coon from going outside if you can provide a secure area.

Can Maine Coons Go Outside? Knowing Pros And Cons

Maine Coons are very social, and interactive, and are called Gentle Giants in the feline world. They may be kept indoors or outdoors, but owners must train them to stay at home. They face many safety risks when they go outside, and they might even get stolen. Due to their high cost, there is a chance that these cats will be stolen or sold for a high price. Examine your cat’s safety, including the breeder contract, the area’s wildlife, and any current cat-proofing, before letting them outdoors.

While there may not be any rules requiring Maine coons to remain at home. Though national regulations may change over time, these huge cats are not legally limited to becoming indoor housecats or outdoor cats. Where the owner wants his pet to be is up to him and his perception. However, before letting a cat go free, owners need to think about its safety. There are many things to consider while Maine coons go outside. Some of them are described here.

Benefits of Keeping Maine Coons Inside

There are several advantages to keeping your gentle giants indoors, some of which include:

Stay Safe From Wild Animals

The safety of Maine Coon cats is a major worry when putting them outside. Because they are a bigger breed, they can be more at risk for attacks by raptors and other wild animals like wolves or owls. Your cat’s safety may be risky from stray dogs, feral cats, and even wild creatures like raccoons or coyotes.

Accidents From Vehicles

Outdoor cats have more risk of road accidents from bikes buses trucks and other vehicles. A Maine Coon is a very daring feline that tends to stray and become lost. Not knowing how to return home puts them in danger of becoming lost in an unfamiliar place, and there’s also a chance of getting into severe accidents.

A maine Coon and a dog is sitting outside the house, looking here and there...

Protection From Diseases

Outdoor Maine Coons have a greater risk of getting infectious and indulging in harmful diseases than indoor cats. Indoor cats are more healthy and eat more nutritional foods than outdoor. Outdoor cats eat unhealthy things outside, which makes them ill. They also eat toxins, poisons, and chemicals that cause the sudden deaths of Maine Coons. A lot of dust and dirt additionally exists outside the house, and they become tangled with the fur of the Maine Coons, and it becomes matted.

A Maine Coon is sitting on grass with a lot of infectious diseases on the grass
source : Erie shores

Risk of Theft

Maine Coons are the most expensive breed in the united states. Its cost is between 2000$ to 3000$. Its resale value is also very high, So there is a risk of theft by street criminals if Maine coons go outside.

Clean and Healthy

Due to the increased amount of dust, dirt, and waste outside, indoor cats are cleaner and healthier than outdoor cats since their owners maintain their homes clean and clear of these contaminants, which can lead to issues for Maine coons.

Cons of Keeping Maine Coon Indoors

Although there are many benefits of keeping Maine Coons indoors, like safety and peace of mind. But not always it’s good for Maine Coons. Keeping them indoors all the time creates some bad effects as well.


Maine coons become bored if they have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and want to explore new things. They get bored indoors quickly.

Can Maine Coons go outside?A brown Maine Coon is getting bored inside the house


Staying home all the time makes them overweight, and as a result, obesity increases the risk of several diseases.


Compared to outdoor Maine Coons, indoor Maine Coons are more stressful. Staying in one spot all the time is stressful.


Outdoor cats are always occupied with a lot of labor, therefore they have more activities in their lives than inside cats.

Two Maine Coons sitting inside ,While one Maine Coon is sitting outside


For an indoor cat, you will need to purchase (or build) a strong, solid scratching post where it can sharpen its claws, build muscle, and indicate its territory.

Your cat may still claw your curtains, rugs, and furniture even if you have a scratching post.

Benefits of Letting Maine Coons Outside

Your Maine Coon cat’s overall happiness, satisfaction, and health depend on spending time outside.

We will now examine the benefits of allowing these giant cats outside to provide a comprehensive response to the question, may Maine Coon cats go outside? The following is a list of the most important justifications for why a responsible cat owner allows their cat outside:

Natural explorers

Maine Coons are also considered natural explorers. They love enjoying the outside which is also their inborn characteristic. They are curious and adventurous cats, and their intelligence and love for play make them inclined to explore their surroundings. They are curious to explore new things and tricks. Going outside increases their intelligence level and helps them to discover new things. Their mind open and they feel fresh.

Beauty of Outside

The beauty of the outside attracts outdoor cats. Beautiful Insects, the play of light and shadow, rodents, birds, plants, and many more appealing sights, sounds, tastes, textures, and aromas all spark their interest and stimulate them readily outside.

Avoid Scratching

Maine coons that live outside are less likely to scratch your furniture because they keep their claws sharp. While Maine Coons are not thought to be very territorial cats, they may mark their territory by scratching outside, which prevents them from hunting.

Smartest Cats

Maine Coons are known as the smartest cats in the world due to their highest intelligence level. They can easily crossroads and stay safe by using their effective brain. When they use their sharp minds, they may readily cross roadways and remain safe.

Two Maine Coons sitting inside ,While one Maine Coon is sitting outside

Physical Activity

Cats who live outside have a lot more opportunities to play, run, and climb to obtain the necessary amount of exercise. The outdoors is the natural environment of the Maine Coon cat and provides enough opportunity for play and physical activity.Outdoor cats are always occupied with a lot of labor, therefore they have more activities in their lives than inside cats.

Control Obesity

Outdoor Maine coons have a low tendency to get overweight than indoor Maine Coons. Indoor Maine Coons are more prone to obesity due to staying home all the time and playing with only toys and owners. Although they love outside beauty they are restricted by owners to stay at home,  The reason is safety and protection. Outdoor Maine Coons have a lot of physical activities like climbing trees, hunting running on roads which burn their calories and control their weight.

A Maine coon is looking at owner while walking outside the house

Resolved Litter Tray Issue 

Going outside prevents owners from maintaining a litter box for their feline. Because they can spray outside so no need for any litter tray at home, Which also saves time and money for owners. Also home becomes neat and clean by the removal of the litter tray.

So What Option Should I Select?

As was mentioned, there are benefits and drawbacks to each choice. Can Maine Coon Go Outside? is a long debate, but in general, the answer is yes. Taking pets outside is up to the pet owners. It is terrible for outdoor cats since they can roam freely when owners purchase them from breeders and keep them inside their homes. So if you have decided to let Maine Coons go outside then strictly focus on two things:

  • Outdoor Training For Maine Coon Cats
  • Supervising Maine Coon Cats

Outdoor Training For Maine Coon Cats

1-Gentle Giants of the feline world should be trained before going outside. Owners should gradually increase the amount of time spent outside. By doing this, you may assist your cat adjust to being outside and reduce the chance that they will feel scared or stressed.

2- Provide training to cats when called to come to owners. and when going outside when owners call them to come inside quickly they come home.

3-Provide training on how to cross the road, and how to escape from wild animals, street pets, and other reptiles.

4-Provide training on what one should eat and what one should not eat. Because some poisonous things also hide in trees and pants. If Maine Coons eat them they become ill or even cause death.

A Maine Coon is enjoying hot weather outside the house

Supervising Maine Coon Cats

Although Maine Coon cats might like being outside, it’s crucial to keep an eye on them to make sure they stay safe. Here are some guidelines to assist you ensure your Maine Coon cat’s safety when they go outside.

Provide Safe Area

A Maine Coon shouldn’t be restricted from going outside if a safe area can be provided. Always keep an eye on them. A safe area can be a backyard or a garden in your house where cats can play safely without any hazards. It would have high walls or fences that are too high for your Maine Coon to climb. An example of this enclosed area is Catio with high fences. Maintain the space, clean at all times to ensure that it is free of dust and other potential hazards like poisonous plants and sharp objects, anything that might hurt or injure Maine Coons.

Tracking Collar

Another important thing while going Maine Coons outside is to wear a tracking collar on their neck so you can easily track your cat when they lost or went far away.

A Maine Coon is wearing tracking collar and enjoying outside enviornment

Seasonal Requirements

Consider the seasonal requirements of your Maine Coon Cats when letting them outside. In summer, there should be cold water in their bowl while in winter the water should not be so cold which could be harmful to them. Also, provide them shades to protect them from hot and Rain. So according to the season take care of them outside the house.

By following these requirements your Maine Coon cat will be safe outside and take the benefits of going outside.


Maine Coon cats can go outside, but it is up to the owner to decide based on the risks and benefits. Owners must consider safety measures, outdoor training, and supervision to ensure the well-being of their Maine Coon cats when they go outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maine Coon cats can go outside, but there are concerns about their safety due to their friendly nature and potential health risks, including injuries, parasites, and exposure to contagious diseases. Some owners choose to keep them indoors or provide supervised outdoor access to mitigate these risks

Many Maine Coon cats enjoy being outside due to their adventurous nature. They want to explore new things outside. They feel fresh in the open air. In short, there is a lot of entertainment for them outside the house.

While Maine Coon cats want to explore new things in their surroundings, they can also be content staying indoors, particularly if they have a stimulating environment with toys, scratching posts, and cozy spots. Indoor living helps protect them from potential outdoor dangers.

Many Maine Coon cats can be trained to walk on a leash. Start with a harness and leash designed for cats, and introduce them to it gradually. Some Maine Coons may enjoy outdoor walks under supervision.

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