Maine Coon has matted fur and came to groomer for mats removal

Maine Coon Matted Fur And Ways Of Preventing

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Maine coons are the largest and most popular domestic cats breed with luxurious fur. They are 10 to 18 inches tall and weigh 5 to 25 lbs while most Maine coons may grow up to 40 inches due to their larger bodies. Their beautiful long coats and luxurious Fur are distinct features of this beautiful breed. Their Fur keeps warm in the cold.

Brown Matted Maine Coon is ready to remove mats.

 But as you know all are not perfect we have to also face some pros and cons of every beautiful thing in this world, Same is the case of Maine Coons Fur as these are long, dense and fluffy so it is also difficult to maintain or handled them. This matted fur is not only harsh for Maine coons but it can also cause many health problems and if these problems are not cured it may cause Maine Coon sudden death. So in this article, I will explore How to keep Maine Coons with Matted Fur.

What Is Matting In Gentle Giants? 

Maine Coon matted furs are tangled or knotted hair clumps. If Maine coons are not groomed daily like if they are not brushed or taken bath then knots may create, also oil in their fur makes knots, So grooming is very important for daily care for your feline, brush them daily and use feline shampoo to prevent from oily furs. If mats are created it is difficult to brush out, Mats can become uncomfortable and painful for a cat.

Maine Coon is sitting on table in front of groomer

This beautiful Maine Coon is an 11-month-old Storm.

Storm went to a groomer this week to have some matted fur clipped as she is not keen on having her daily groom at home! At her follow-up checkups, I was excited to see this adorable pet grow to become greater.

Maine Coon Cats Distinct Coat

Usually, cats have one layer of fur, while these Gentle Giants have three layers of fur, as this fur keeps them warm and in the winter it works blankets. These thick coats when knotted create serious problems, So first we have to understand Maine coons Coats’ Fur. There are three layers of fur.

First Coat Fur

The first coat has short fur which is used to prevent Maine coons from cold breezes in winter and in summer takes air from the environment.

Second Coat Fur

The second coat has longer furs than the first coat and these also provide them extra warmth in winter and fresh air in summer. These are dense and thicker.

Third Coat Fur 

The third coat of fur is also called guard hairs. They are thicker than the first and second coats. They are developed in middle age after childhood. They are used to protect Maine coons from snow and water.

Mats are created when the outer layer of fur is knotted due to not doing brush regularly or it may be due to not cleaning dirt on Maine Coons Fur. When Maine Coons shed their undercoats Fur, They also mix with knots and make them more worst which can not remove with a brush.

If they are not removed quickly from the Cats, They become worse and worse.

Causes Of Maine Coon Matted Fur

Maine coon are loving and sociable cats, they are not beautiful but also intelligent loving, and care for their owners. But if their fur is matted it affects their habits like playing walking running, and eating. because matted fur creates itching in that area and if not removed contains bacteria that lead to severe infection.

In some cases, mats become so bad that block cats’ intestinal areas due to which cats cannot use the litter box for urine. Which leads to death. So if you want such a thing not to happen with your Feline then carry on reading this article it will help you to find out what are the causes of this matted Fur. The causes of matted fur are:

1Maine Coon Shed Fur

Maine Coons also require more frequent grooming during shedding season, which usually occurs twice a year. Shed fur is the most common reason for mats. When fur is shed it combines with existing knots and makes worse knots leading to matts. shedding usually happens in the spring and fall seasons due to more extreme temperatures of summer and winter.  

Maine Coon matted fur with a lot of dust and dirt

2-Fur With Dust

If fur is full of dust and dirt and is not properly washed with cat shampoo then they are more likely to get matt. Outdoor cats have more tendency to get matted fur than indoor cats. This is because waste, dirt, and soil can tangle in your cat’s fur and eventually lead to the formation of mats.

3-Irregular Brushing

Irregular Brushing is the main cause of Maine Coon mated fur. If they are not brushed at least twice a week, and more often during shedding season, their long, dense fur can easily become tangled. Special maine coons brushes are available in the market for long and short hair. Any negligence in brushing of cat’s fur causes severe problems.

Black Maine Coon is looking towards owner to remove matted furs

4-Obesity In Cats

Except for brushing coats Maine coons also need more effort with themself to make clean healthy brilliant and tangled-free coats. If cats avoid unhealthy foods and take care of their diet they can be fit and control their weight.

Overweight Maine Coons are more prone to matted fur than smaller-weight cats. Because Obese cats are not able to clean themselves every part of their body. Obesity is another cause of dirty and matted fur.

5-Dental Diseases

Dental problems also lead to Maine Coon matted fur. Maine Coons with dental problems are more prone to matted fur. Dental and gums pains are so painful not only for human beings but also for cats.

When a cat has cavities or gum disease, grooming becomes difficult, and they can’t take their afternoon cat wash. So if you feel your cat’s lazy painful and matted fur check their teeth and gums and visit the Vet as soon as possible.

6-Age Factor

Additionally, older cats may find it more difficult to groom themselves. Their fur gets matted because their muscles and joints aren’t working as well as when they were younger. To be clean and healthy, older cats require more love and care. They are at the age where they should be properly cared for with love and affection.

Do You Know that older cats have harder matting to remove than younger cats because their joints and muscles are more rigid and matted fur is harder to locate.

An older cat is sitting quietly and looking his groomer

7-Breeders Misguidance

In some cases, breeders misguide people when they come to buy healthy and active Maine coons. They were told by breeders that this Maine coon liked to be groomed but found out that this wasn’t true so she’s become matted.

Sometimes breeders give false information regarding the grooming habits of Maine Coons, which is untrue. As a result, owners neglect to take care of the growing number of mats on their Maine Coons.

How To Keep Maine Coon From Matted Fur:

Being a breeder of Maine coons, you hate it whenever you see Maine Coon matted fur or in a knot.

An important part of being a Maine Coon owner is grooming. Every day, we brush our cats to help prevent matting and the accumulation of excessive undercoat. Every two weeks, their nails are trimmed, and every four weeks or so, they take a bath. Our cats simply sit there quietly for us as they are so accustomed to all of this when it is done frequently.

There are different ways to prevent your gentle Giant from matting, Some of them are mentioned below:

Use Of Olive Oil

One of the easiest ways is which No need for a vet, no need for a Shave, and no Pain is the use of olive oil.

Groomer is rubbing olive oil on matted fur of Maine coon
  • Use a glass dropper for hygienic and smooth application on the first day.
  • Apply directly using the dropper or rub on the skin or matted area.
  • Do not pull or comb on fur it may be painful for your cat.
  • Use the olive oil softly until the area is soaked sufficiently.
  • After that, You can clean any excess oil.
  • Leave the olive oil on the pet’s body and monitor for the next few days.
  • On the second day again apply the olive oil on the same area of the pet and rub it gently into the skin.
  • The knot might have fallen on the second day if it was not serious. But if not, use the same method for some more days and get the best results.


Brushing your cat once a week is recommended by Breeders. Brushing Maine Coons hair is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of hair that falls all over the body daily, especially in shedding season. Almost all cats shed their hair naturally. Additionally, brushing reduces the amount of hairballs your cat coughs up.

The first thing is the brush you want to use for short-haired and long-haired cats.

Brushing Short-Hair Cats

We should brush a short-haired cat with a slicker brush once a week. A slicker brush is a slanted or curved brush used to remove loose hair and dander that has delicate teeth.

Brushing Long-Hair Cats

Long-haired cats require more effort when it comes to grooming. They shed almost all the year and for them, we should use a curved brush, comb, and de-shedding tool. They require brushing two times a week to make their hair tangled-free.

Most of the mats require brushing. Brushing your cat won’t happen if the mats are somewhat thicker or more firmly knotted since it will pain.

Using gentle hands makes removing the knots less unpleasant. The locations of the knots and matting are easily felt. Untangle it gently. And it will be free of that knot. Only use pet-safe products; avoid using detanglers or anti-static sprays.

Three long hair cats are sitting on carpet and ready for removal of mats

Taking Bath Weekly.

Bathing once a week prevents Maine coons from dust and dirt that contributes to Maine Coon matted furs.

Be careful to completely rinse your cat after using shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for cats. Always use a lot of water to thoroughly rinse the shampoo off of Maine coons’ skin. If shampoo is not completely washed off, it can cause scalpes due to oily skin, which leads to matted fur.

Pet Hair Clippers.

If the Maine Coons have large mats so it’s hard to remove them, It can be done with a Pet Hair Clipper. Maine Coons also had mats in their trousers, on their belly, and on their chest as well so clipped these off gradually.

According to research Maine coon owners are recommended to go to professional pet groomers to do this, as they might not cut or tear the skin of pets. It is also advised not to use scissors they can easily cut cats’ skin and are very harsh for cats. If you still think to use scissors, use the comb to lift the hair from the skin and then cut with scissors.

If you can’t get the mat out by brushing or by using clippers, seek help from a vet or professional groomer. After visiting a groomer you only need to brush or check by hand for tangles and knots after every week.

Hair Trimming

Maine Coons hair trimming also prevents them from Maine Coon matted fur, especially in the areas that are more prone to it like, the legs and belly. For trimming hair scissors and clippers are used, But use them carefully, not to make cuts or damage the skin of cats.

Groomer Reviews After Removal Of Mats

The review of one groomer after groomed beautiful Maine coons is :

According to a groomer, It’s been another great day, revisiting pets and meeting some new additions. Binx the beautiful Maine Coon had a rather matted tummy, chest, and underarm region. With all mats clipped out he then had a sanitary clip to stay fresh, a full groom through to remove unwanted undercoat, and a claw trim.

Black Maine Coon,Named Binx feeling relaxed after removal of mats

Fudge is a very elderly Maine Coon who struggles to keep his coat in order due to his arthritis. Today he has had his whole underside, armpits, hind legs, tail, and most of his sides clipped out. He had a claw trim and a face clean.

White Maine coon named, Fudge came at health centre for its grooming

Once the grooming was over Maine coons ate their food and played with new valerian pillow, like a little kitten. I think They felt so much better with those mats gone.

All pets were amazingly well-behaved and enjoyed their treats. (source fionas)


Maine Coons are a popular breed known for their luxurious fur, but this fur can lead to matting if not properly maintained. There are many causes of Maine Coon matted fur like age factor, obesity, and lack of brushing. Regular grooming, including brushing, bathing, and trimming, is essential to prevent matting and ensure the health and well-being of these beautiful cats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Because of their long, thick hair, which tangles easily, Maine Coons are prone to matting. Health problems, external factors, and irregular grooming, Obesity, and shedding season can all lead to matting. Frequent brushing helps in managing and preventing matting.

Establish a regular brushing schedule and grooming routine for your cat to prevent matting, especially in long-haired Maine Coons. When brushing and combing your cat, use cat-friendly products. If necessary, get expert grooming.

Matted fur can be painful for cats as it pulls on the skin and may cause discomfort or even skin irritation.In addition, it results in health issues; cats may stop eating, become inactive, and in some cases, pass very suddenly.

Use a comb or brush intended for long-haired cats carefully to eliminate knots from a Maine Coon cat. Using small strokes, begin at the tips and work your way up. Consider professional grooming if the knots are quite tight.

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