An American short hair sitting on table looking at owner

American Shorthair Maine Coon Mix Characteristics

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An American Shorthair Maine Coon mix is those breeds that struggled to be appreciated. Even if today they are one of the most famous cats in America, things were different in the past. It’s consistently in the top ten of the most wanted breeds.

However, pretty looks are not only the reason for this!

American Shorthair Maine Coon Mix is going for an outing in the car.
American Shorthair Maine Coon Mix enjoying outdoors

An American Shorthair Maine Coon mix, often referred to as a hybrid or crossbreed, would inherit traits from both the American Shorthair and Maine Coon breeds. Because purebred Maine Coons are recognized for having long, flowing coats, a cat with short hair is either a mix or isn’t a Maine Coon cat at all.


Together with Maine Coons, An American Shorthair Maine Coon mix is considered native to the United States. That is because they were here for a long time. I mean, all domestic cats from America have indeed arrived from Europe.

On the other hand, They have been here so long, that it’s only fair to call them native. Most likely, British people arriving in the new world brought their cats with them. In truth, there is an undeniable resemblance between American shorthairs and European shorthairs. Back then, cats were seen as pest control and were kept as mousers.

Jamestown was the first American Shorthair cat that was also present in the first permanent British Colony.

How do we know that?

Well, American Shorthairs’ ancestors are mentioned in a document from 1609. Times were tough back then, as you can imagine, for both humans and their four-legged companions. These cats needed proper bodies to survive the ones that did either had or developed strong jaws and muscular bodies.

short hair mixed Maine coon is sitting on sofa.
short hair mixed Maine coon

How American Shorthairs Were Given Official Name?

In times, things get easier. As a result, in the 1800s, people started to appreciate their faithful mousers as something more. At the same time, people became more interested in showing off their cats. These hardy cats were given a name, but it was plain and straightforward Shorthair. By the late 1800s, American shorthairs gained The love of Cat Fanciers.

However, the first cat registered as an American shorthair was imported from Great Britain.

Weird, I know! But soon enough other, other exotic-looking breeds were imported into the United States. People almost completely forgot about the faithful cats that served them during harsh times. It took some while for the American Shorthair to regain its lost fame. That’s because American short hairs looked similar to the stray cats living in America.

The familiarity of these cats’ appearance made people reluctant to value this breed.1965 was the year American shorthairs got their official name. Coincidentally, American shorthairs started to gain more recognition around the same time, But it was not an easy process.

Some breeders crossed American shorthairs with Persians; This started to take a toll on this breed’s hardy look. Fortunately, breeding American Shorthairs with other breeds was banned on time. As a result, this breed’s muscular appearance was preserved. Fantastic, as these cats are beautiful!

Physical Characteristics/Sizes/Personality/Traits

The physical characteristics of an American Shorthair Maine Coon mix can vary widely due to the combination of genes from both breeds. Here are some potential physical traits you might find in a mix of these two breeds:

Body Structure:

The body structure of the mix may be a blend of the Maine Coon’s substantial build and the American Shorthair’s moderate, athletic physique. The American Shorthair cat breed is solid, energetic, and in good condition. The medium-sized cat has a broad chest supported by medium-length legs carried by round paws, giving it a slim build despite its strength and muscularity. 


American shorthairs aren’t big cats; they; ‘re medium-sized weighing from 6 to 15 ponds. Males are comparatively larger than females.

Males size 11-15 ibs (5-6.8 kg)

Female size 6-12 ibs(2.7-5.4 kg)

The Maine Coon is a large cat breed, while the American Shorthair is of moderate size. Depending on the dominant genes, the mix could fall somewhere in between, with a medium to large size.

Coat Length:

The mix may have a coat of variable length, ranging from short to medium or semi-longhair. The length of the coat will depend on the inheritance of genes from both parent breedsThe thick, double-layered coat of Maine Coons protects them from the cold and acts as insulation.


The tail could be bushy, like the Maine Coon’s, but the length and thickness will depend on the specific genes inherited.

The medium-length tail features a wide base. 


An American Shorthair Maine Coon mix eyes are almost round and come in any color. Eye color can vary, but it might include shades commonly found in both breeds, such as amber, gold, or green.

The brilliant golden eyes that are alert and slightly slanted make the American Shorthair stand out. 

American mix Maine Coon posing in front of the camera, showing his beautiful eyes.
American mix Maine Coon with beautiful eyes


They are positioned over a large, pointed head that precisely matches its curved shape.

Everything about them is on the medium side, except for their head and eyes. which are pretty large.


 Like most of its features, this cat’s ears are medium-sized, slightly separated, and prominent.


Their legs are heavily muscled, a trait that proved handy for survival.

Facial Features:

The mix might exhibit a combination of facial features from both breeds. This could include the Maine Coon’s tufted ears and the American Shorthair’s rounded face. The American Shorthair has short fur that resembles the European Shorthair in length and texture. Additionally, their fur is water-resistant, which keeps them dry while swimming or going through wet areas.

Coat Color and Pattern:

Both the American Shorthair and Maine Coon come in a variety of coat colors and patterns. Maine Coons have about seventy-five different colors and patterns, Among these are black, white, cream, red, blue, grey, and silver.

Four different coat colors mixed Maine coons sitting together on the table
Four different coat colors mixed Maine coons

The mix could display a diverse range of colors such as tabby, solid, bicolor, or calico, depending on the genetic contribution of each parent. The most sought-after and widespread color is “Silver Tabby” with gorgeous black stripes. Most American short hairs come in this color and pattern.

The personality of American Shorthair Maine Coon Mix

American Shorthairs not only look gorgeous, but their personalities are great too! They’re a happy medium sort of cat!

American Shorthair exhibits a memorable look and are praised for their personalities. Some of their personality features are:


Like its physical characteristics, the American Shorthair has a straightforward personality. Because the breed has retained the qualities of its predecessors, they make excellent companions. When strangers come, they’re not immediately drawn to them but are not overly scared either.


American Shorthairs are known for their adaptable nature. They can adjust well to various living environments.

An American Short hair adjusted himself in any living area
An American Short hair adjusted himself in any living area


American shorthairs are pretty playful and keep this trait throughout their life.

Paddington is the introvert of the pair and prefers cozy corners and tucked-away beds where he can hide and observe what’s going on around him. That’s not to say that he isn’t affectionate and friendly, because he is. If you approach him and give him some time to sniff you out, he’ll lean into your hand for neck scratches and start purring up a storm. He does have a playful streak in him, though! If you catch his attention with the right toy, you’ll see his inner kitten come right out.

Slow in Running

On the flip side, they do not do much running. When playing they prefer to bat things around rather than having to run after them.


One of their most charming qualities is their cool temperament. American Shorthairs are sweet-tempered but also listen to you. 

You will most likely have no trouble eating in the same room with your cat. This is a big plus for these cats. If they sense they are not allowed to do something, They will just mind their own business.

American short hair Maine Coon sitting in the kitchen looking quietly at his owner
American short hair Maine Coon sitting in the kitchen looking quietly at his owner

High Intelligence Leval

This mixed breed produces an intelligent and quick-learning cat as it receives intelligence from both parent breeds. Their natural curiosity encourages them to investigate to understand their environment. New Commands and tricks frequently come to mind of American Shorthair Maine Coon Mix because of its high intelligence level.


The independence of the American Shorthair is among its greatest qualities. These cats are independent while also being affectionate. There’s no need to be concerned about your cat while you’re gone if you live alone or work outside the house. They have all they need to entertain themselves. Expect a few meows and leg bumps when you get home, but don’t worry that they will be very lonely.

Are These Cats Good For Other Pets?

Because of their extreme tolerance, they are excellent companions for homes with several pets. They are friendly and get along well with both dogs and other cats. Proper socialization from a young age is essential for all breeds especially for Maine Coon cats, For building a positive relationship with other pets. 

An American short hair gets along well with both dogs and other cats
An American short hair gets along well with other pets

To ensure all animals are comfortable, gradually and under supervision, introduce them to other family pets. Ensuring every pet has a private area they can go to when they need some alone time is also crucial. This breed may flourish in a home with several pets if patience and appropriate introductions are given. Because they are so adaptive, American Shorthair Maine Coon Mix do well in homes, but they also like having unrestricted freedom.

Are These Cats Good for Families?

They are a great companion for single people or families since they are laid back and kind. They also have a reputation for being devoted, and creating lifelong bonds with their human families. When the timing is perfect, the American Shorthair will let you love them and make your house look like home.

Despite their cool personality and calm hunting desires, they are not aggressive and get along well with families. Although they like playing, American Shorthairs are pleased to curl up and cuddle on a sofa. Their humble and gentle personality is ideal for a family house. 

Health Issues:

There are a few genetic issues these cats can suffer from. That’s because they are naturally occurring breeds with a high genetic pool available. On the other hand, some lines can suffer from HCM or polycystic kidney disease.HCM can develop in any cat. Unfortunately, it can cause death at a younger age.PKD is most likely inherited from Persian cats, as American shorthairs were once bred with them. But there is no need to worry, as the incidence of these conditions in American shorthairs is rare.

So always ask the breeder about these severe conditions or any disease suffering these felines. Also, take DNA tests before adopting cats.

How can you find Reputable breeders?

Pet quality kittens are usually priced between 1000$ and 2000 $. Of Course, prices vary, depending on the cattery, color, and country. you can also get a retired adult, about 5 to 6 years old for less.


In conclusion, the American Shorthair Maine Coon mix is a popular breed known for its attractive appearance and combination of traits from both parent breeds. They have a rich history in the United States and possess physical characteristics that can vary widely. These cats have a straightforward personality, high intelligence, and adaptability, making them great companions for families and other pets. While they may be prone to certain genetic health issues, finding a reputable breeder and conducting DNA tests can help ensure a healthy cat. The cost of an American Shorthair can vary depending on factors such as cattery, color, and age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Maine Coon mixes can have short hair. The coat length of a cat, whether purebred or a mix, is influenced by the combination of genes it inherits from its parents. If a Maine Coon is bred with a cat of another breed that carries the gene for short hair, the resulting kittens may have short hair.

Determining the “rarest” cat breed mix is challenging, as it depends on various factors and is subject to personal opinions. The Sokoke is regarded as the rarest domestic cat breed in the world by the UK’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. This cat came from the eastern Kenyan woodland region of Sokoke.

The size of a Maine Coon mix can vary, and it is influenced by a combination of genetic factors inherited from both parent breeds. Generally, if a Maine Coon is one of the parents in the mix, there is a likelihood that the cat may inherit some of the Maine Coon’s larger size traits.

The Maine Coon is not a hybrid cat. A hybrid typically refers to the offspring of two animals of different breeds, species, or genera. The Maine Coon is a purebred domestic cat breed with a long and established history.

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